Bluetooth Volume is uneffected by changing the variable

I wanted to lower the bluetooth volume, searched and found this:

I tried the same thing suggested in the thread, but the sound level is unaffected. I even set SYSTEM_OUTPUT_VOLUME to 0 just to be sure.

Also CONNECTION_NOTIFY_VOLUME is at 15 and I’m not hearing anything.

I’m connecting from an iPhone over bluetooth and airplay. Airplay is fine and i get volume controls. Bluetooth is louder and slightly clipping.

I’m using balenaOS 2.54.2+rev1 on a Pi Zero W

I’m using the Pimoroni PHATDAC on this one, also if that’s helpful.

What am I missing?

Hi Steve, the environment variables SYSTEM_OUTPUT_VOLUME and CONNECTION_NOTIFY_VOLUME have been deprecated as of version 3.0 of balenaSound. What you are looking for is the env var SOUND_VOLUME, see here for more details.

Also, slightly related to your problem, there is an open issue currently where you cannot control bluetooth volume from your smartphone.