Problems with Etcher 1.5.59 / MacOSx

I am trying to flash an image to SD which has been formatted on a MacOS using SDHC formatting app. The Mac OS is 10.15 Catalina and the Etcher version is 1.5.59. I can select the .img file and the SD card without a problem - but it fails immediately after I attempt the FLASH operation. The error box invites me to ask you on here for guidance. Many thanks in advance

Same issue. Dead in the water…

Hi and welcome both,
We’re currently updating Etcher to be notarized which is currently needed for apps to run on macOS Catalina.
What you can try to do is actually open Etcher with sudo as suggested here while we work on it.
If it still doesn’t work, you can open the devtools by pressing cmd + opt + i and switching to the Console tab to check the logs and tell us if you see any error (in my experience with this issue, it should be EPERM), or paste the logs if you want us to take a look.

Many thank for your prompt response - I will try one of the options you suggest probably start with the SUDO command line.

Kind regards