Problem with rpiplay

Hello, today I stumbled across the Balena page, where there are nice projects for the Raspberry PI.

Now I wanted to go to the page

to equip my RPI 4. Whether I select “only” Ethernet or “Ethernet and WLAN” (for WLAN I enter the name SSID and password), both times it is the same.

With Etcher 1.7.3 the SD card is written and also confirmed with OK. If I then start the RPI with this SD (TV is connected via HDMI), I see after a short time only a white background with a green cube (probably the balena logo).

More does not happen. Where should I be able to configure anything before or after. My iphone 11 with iOS 15.3 also does not show the airplay at all.

Would need urgent help.

Thanks a lot

Greeting H-BLOGX

@h-blogx thanks for reaching out! It makes sense that you would see the Balena logo with a white background on the screen. It means that your device is running Balena (so that’s good)!

I have a few clarifying questions:

  • What do you see on your Dashboard? Is the device Online? Has it finished updating? Are you able to see any other logs from the services which are running?