Balena rpiplay does not play

Hello, all the best for 2022!

I just purchased a raspberry 4 pi to use with Balena rpi-play. Downloading and flash (with Etcher ofcourse) goes fine. Setup also, Air-Pi-Play@1b6479f appears at my iPhone. unfortunately mirror or airplay using AppleTV or the photo app does not work. After a while:

Geen verbinding mogelijk met ’ Air-Pi-Play@1b6479f.

Which means ’ no connection possible’ . The iPhone is on the same WiFi network as the raspberry 4.

Just in case, i flash another time which not helped (the device id changed).

All suggestions are welcome.

Hi there!

I will ping the maintainer of the project to see if he has encountered this issue before. But to help him out, lets try to get as much useful information as possible -

  • what iphone version / ios version are you using
  • Are you using the open fleet from balenaHub or are you maintaining your own fleet?
  • The rpi4 is connected to a HDMI display is this correct? What is being displayed on the screen?
  • Are there any other details that may be useful?

Thanks, and all the best for 2022 for you too :slight_smile:

Dear Ryan,

Thanks for the reaction.

It is a iPhone XS running the most recent IOS 15 (15.2)

From the hub I couldn’t get it right so I used the rpi play image.

Yes, the rpi4 is connected directly to the monitor. It is displaying a logo. No error messages, seems a ’ operational mode’ .

Other details, don’t know. The rpi play is shown. Everything seems fine till the last step: connecting. The phone sound goes off so that seems a good step but after a while it stops trying.

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Hello Vincent,

From the hub I couldn’t get it right so I used the rpi play image

If I understand correctly, you have your own fleet? That is you have acces to balenaCloud .
Do you see any errors in the logs in balenaCloud dashboard?

The rpi play is shown. Everything seems fine till the last step: connecting.

Can you see a device on your iphone? Are you using screen mirroring from the control center? Use AirPlay to stream video or mirror the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support



Thanks for your reply.

No, this PI is not used in a fleet.

The iPhone shows the PI as described but does not connect.

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Hi Vincent,

Do you see any logs/error messages in balenaCloud dashboard when trying to connect?

It will help debug the issue.



Unfortunately there are no errors visible and it’s the pi is not in the balena cloud/ fleet. Is there a way I can get some log files visible?

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Hi Vincent,

If you want to see logs, you will have to create your own fleet and then add the device there!

You can read more here

You can sign up on balenaCloud, then use the “Deploy with Balena” button to easily create your fleet with the software. You will need to add a device and reflash your current one.