Airplay & Spotify not visible on iPhone

I am new to the Balena Projects and not sure how to trouble shoot. I just installed Balena Sound to a RPI3+ (32bit.) I can connect to it with Bluetooth but can not connect Spotify or Airplay from my iPhone. I can connect to Airplay on my apple TV’s which are on ethernet. The RPI is connected via ethernet, I tried putting the RPI on wifi and it still doesnt connect. , Where would I look to resolve airplay/spotify issues from my iPhone?
My iMac can connect with Airplay & Spotify to the RPI on ethernet.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @axeltgreat, welcome to the forums. Nice to hear that you are using balenaSound : )

First of all, can you confirm that you see your RPi on the balenaCloud dashboard? Do you see any errors on the dashboard page related to the network connection or in one of these service running?

It’d be good to make sure that RPi is running all the services fine, without any errors in the logs.

If there is an issue with your RPi, to begin troubleshooting, I’d suggest you to first try out Device Diagnostics.

Next, balenaSound project’s homepage says:

Spotify Connect only works with Spotify Premium accounts

Do you have a Spotify premium account?

As for Airplay, I saw this issue in the project’s repo:

Could you check that to see if your device has the same issue?

Hello and thank you for getting back to me. Yes I do see the RPi in the dashboard. I can stop and restart the services for airplay and spotify. I can see the log in the window as well.

I see the following logs but not many of them:
snapcast-client 2020-04-07 21-47-14 [Info] (Stream) Chunk: -1 -1 -1 0 500 59 2
snapcast-client 2020-04-07 21-47-14 [Info] (getPlayerChunk) Exception
snapcast-client 2020-04-07 21-47-14 [Info] (Alsa) Failed to get chunk
snapcast-client 2020-04-07 21-47-19 [Notice] (Alsa) No chunk received for 5000ms. Closing ALSA.strong text

I have premium spotify.
I can connect to airplay & spotify on the RPi from my iMac but not my iPhone.

I will check into the Device Diags later this evening.

Thanks for your help.

I changed the name of the device to something else just to play with variables. I now see Airplay on my iPhone and can use it. I still do not see spotify from my iPhone. I can airplay from spotify though which is is an improvement.

Hi there, did you manage to run the diagnostics on the device? Are there any issues that you see there? Also, what iPhone are you using? I assume you followed the steps here: to setup Spotify to output to the balenaSound device? I also assume you provided your Spotify credentials as described in the README? Any additional info would help in debugging this.

No issues show up in the Diags.

Here is my issue: Last night, with ethernet connected, I was able to get airplay to successfully function from two iPhones and an iMac. I could NOT get Spotify Connect to show up as an option on any of those devices.
Today I relocated the RPi, also with ethernet connected to RPi, and now only Spotify Connect shows up. I do not see Airplay as an option on my iOS devices. I rebooted a few times, restarted the services a few times and no luck. Any ideas why this is?

Hi there, just to clarify, can you see Airplay from your iMac? What version of iOS are you running? And lastly, do you see anything relevant on airplay container’s log?

Hello, the visibility of Spotify & Airplay has changed back and forth a few times so I imagine its confusing to follow. I unplugged and rebooted the RPi several times today (3) and now everything is visible - Bluetooth, Airplay & Spotify. Not sure where or what the issue was. I will keep an eye on it for the next few days and report back after I play some music through it.
Thank you very much for the technical support.

Thats good to hear! Do let us know if this happens again so that we can figure out what went wrong