Problem Up ResinOS Update Lost Static IP

I have a serious problem.

I had a remote node with a old Version 1.22. The node had a Static IP configured manually into file config.json. Today I updated the Resion OS from the option ResinOS Update to the last version 2.2.0+rev1. Now the node lost all configurations as the previous Static IP defined and I lost all connection with this node :frowning: because the customer firewall prevents it.

The node is remote… it’s is in other country and I don’t have physical access to reconfigure the previous IP assigned into SD Card. The only option is enter the local customer network but I don’t know how open a SSH connection with the Raspberry Pi to access this file.

Help me !!! The node is shutdown in this moment… I’m in troubles

We are sorry to hear about this issue.
Static IPs set in the config.json are not migrated yet in resin host os updates, but we are working on that. The documentation page should have had a clearer warning on which settings are not migrated.

Was the device using Static IP on Ethernet or WiFi connection?
Is there any other device on the same network that we can connect to?
If there is, and we can reach the device in question, then we should be able to set the relevant network configuration.

Hey there, just an update on this – we’ve merged ResinOS 1→2 static IP migration so this issue should no longer happen.