Remote ethernet static IP configuration


We are testing on a RaspberryPi3 but we have some problems with the configuration of the ethernet interface from remote. Specifically, in our configuration the raspberry will be connected to the internet through the WiFi interface that is preconfigured on the SD Card, and the ethernet interface will be connected to another network with a static IP.
The problem is that when we will set the static IP on the ethernet interface we will not have physical access to the device and we have to do it remotely. Searching on the forum and the documentation I have not found a solution to this kind of issue.
Have you any suggestion?


Hey there!

Not sure I completely understand the issue. So you always have connectivity through wifi, right? If so, your application container should be able to talk to NetworkManager and setup the ethernet IP address while you remain connected through wifi.

Thank you! I have resolved the issue following the solution in Static IP configured via app .