Easiest Way to Update IP Address

I’m currently trying to find the easiest way to update IP addresses on Resin IO. I’ve looked into using something like the resin-connect project, but it isn’t ideal. I’m in a situation where new devices will get flashed out in the field, and then need configured. This means they may not have been connected to the internet yet. The default method of taking out the SD card and editing files is a bit slow for the number of devices we have. It makes the business case a bit of a problem.

My plan was to SSH into the machine and interact with the network manager directly. I was going to base this off of what I had seen done on resin OS. Unfortunately my initial attempts to SSH in have resulted in permission issues (SSH Permission denied (public key)). This makes sense, it’d be a massive security flaw if just anyone could SSH into your machine.

Would there be a way to setup the image to enable SSHing? Or in general an easier/ more transparent way to setup IP addresses?

If I understand your use case correctly then you want to get a static network configuration onto devices as easily as possible after flash.
A couple of questions around this use case, if I may.

  1. Must it be after flash, or would an automated way of injecting details into the .img be good? (using https://docs.resin.io/deployment/network/2.x/#setting-a-static-ip)
  2. Your container could expose a UI (ssh/http/clicky buttons/whatever) that interacts with the network configuration of the host via dbus (https://docs.resin.io/deployment/network/2.x/#changing-the-network-at-runtime)