Problem installing

balenaEtcher setup-1.5.57 will NOT finish installing on my Dell XPS Win10 computer. It’ll start the install, but at about 40% it does not proceed further.

What’s the problem?

@kees11 do older versions install fine? Do other electron applications install fine?


i have these similar kind of issue ,i dont know how to fix it

thanks and regards

Hi @namanjohnson101 ,

As asked by my colleague, have you been able to install older versions of balenaEtcher, or any other electronJS based application without issues? This would help us try and determine if this is something we may have changed (such as the installer code), or maybe the electron library has changed.

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Hi there

Much frustration with Balena. I switched to Rufus Portable. Installed no probs, Made bootable USB from Linux .iso file.

Thank you for speedy reply.

Cheers Con Rhee (Kees11)

Sorry to hear that you frustrated with Balena. We will continue to try to reproduce this, to find and fix the problem.

Hi there

Thank you for pursuing the problem.

It’s a bugger. I used Etcher on another computer - but cannot repeat it. The interface was great.