Please don't trap me at the "Restarting Device" page

The restart button
traps me with the Restarting [Name]… info screen


When I have multiple devices to restart this can be annoying. Could this be something I click to acknowledge and I can bypass?

Hi. One possibility is using the balena-cli restart command. Just be careful if you are doing too many requests per second as the API has rate limits.

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Either backgrounding the restart task (using bash’s &), or xargs with -P should do the job nicely

I’ll stick with hitting the restart button next to each container, that ends up being a bit faster because I can leave to a different page and do it there.

Hi again @cnr,

I’ll open an issue for our UI team to take a look at.

Thanks for reporting this.


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+1 from me.
The fullscreen overlay is disruptive / annoying, esp. when you want to monitor the restart procedure in the logs.

Thanks for the feedback @fritz, it’s highly appreciated.
We’ve shared the request with our product and UI teams.

Hey @cnr,
as a workaround, in case you need to restart multiple devices, you can select multiple devices from the device list and issue a restart from the actions dropdown menu.
That’ still non-escapable, but it will allow you to issue multiple devices restarts at once.