Pinned Devices stuck trying to download

We are having a problem with one of our apps that has devices pinned to a specific release.

The device is pinned to an older release (target), and somehow the current release is a newer release. It seems that the devices are stuck trying to download the older pinned release, displaying the following message:
Failed to download application '' due to 'rsync exited. code: 12 signal: null'

Hey, could you share a link to the device and enable support access please

Here’s a link to the device:

Support access has been turned on.

I wish that I didn’t have to post the link to the device on a forum message board. It doesn’t seem like a very secure way of handling this type of information.

The problem is happening on many devices (about 25), but there are other devices within the same application that are behaving properly.

Oh I’m sorry, you could also share the device link via a private message - I have a unified interface and didn’t notice this came from a public rather than a private channel. Feel free to edit out the device link now @james-eberhardt

Hey, just to let you know your devices should be working now - let me know if any issues persist