PineA64+ - foldforcovid

I am sure there is a better way to do it but this one worked for me on PineA64 board with 2GB RAM. Here are the steps that I followed to setup BOINC and make PineA64 work for COVID-19.

Setup in PineA64+ Boards with 1GB/2GB RAM.

  1. Download Armbian based on Debian Buster
  1. Use BalenaEtcher to write it to a sdcard. balenaEtcher

  2. Boot the system and use the root credentials to login as mentioned in armbian website.

login: root
password: 1234
  1. Work through the steps to create a new user account.

  2. Login as the new user and install desktop using the armbian config option. Select System --> Enable Desktop. Link

sudo armbian-config
  1. After this you are greeted with a xfce desktop. Open a terminal and install boinc client and boinc manager.
sudo apt update
sudo apt install boinc-client boinc-manager
  1. Start the client and start the manager in a terminal session using the following commands.
sudo boinc
sudo boincmgr
- If you get a error code 180, change the port as `sudo boinc --gui_rpc_port 37777` and `sudo boincmgr -g 37777`
  1. Join the COVID Project at Rosetta@home. Click Add Project and find Rosetta@home and follow the instructions to join the foldforcovid using PineA64+.