Need help! Raspberry pi

I want to help fighting covid19 whith my raspberry pis but i dont find any operation system for them i have rpi 2 and tow rpi2+ and as i See there is no iso image for. So please send me 2 rpi 3 or 4 to install the iso on it and make some help to humanity. With love

Hi @darif11, welcome to the community. Unfortunately I believe the fold for covid software called rosetta only works for aarch64, and since the pi2 is armv7, it won’t be work so we aren’t able to support it. I would highly recommend getting a new raspberry Pi 4 if possible, they are great and still the same price as the original raspberry pi’s!

excuse me but this is not an answer. if i have money i will not ask for your help. here in morocco we are confined and the price of a raspberry pi 4 just 2gb of ram is more than 1000dh “100$” and impossible to get out. good luck