Pi v1 Request error: tunneling socket could not be established, statusCode=500

Good afternoon. This is my first time using balenaCloud and am working on getting balenaSound set up and working on my Pi v1. While it’s a bit sluggish it still seems to be functionally okay. After going through the initial device adding procedure, everything seemed fine, until it started to update the internal utilities and install the balenaSound processes. Ever since then, whenever I try to communicate with the pi remotely, I get the “Request error: tunneling socket could not be established, statusCode=500” message at the top, and all the services listed still say they are updating. I saw a previous post about a similar issue where they asked for their Device health checks returned, so I’ve included that here:

Some container_engine issues detected:
test_container_engine_running_now Container engine balena is NOT running
test_container_engine_restarts Container engine balena has 2 restarts and may be crashlooping (most recent start time: Tue 2021-10-12 18:07:08 UTC)
test_container_engine_responding Error querying container engine:

Some networking issues detected:
test_balena_registry: Could not communicate with registry2.balena-cloud.com for authentication

Supervisor is NOT running

Those are the only tests that have a non-successful outcome, and when trying to rerun the test, I get no response from the system, as it asks if the engine is running.

Any help would be greatly appriciated!

I now also get Could not connect to device 0b9eb0cc171653c5962dc8bedee12f2a: HTTP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error as an error.

Hi @lkv0315, welcome to the Forums. I tested balenaSound on a Pi1 a few weeks ago, and it did work, though it was indeed quite slow. This one sounds suspiciously like a failing SD Card or a bad flash. The first thing I would recommend trying is flashing another SD Card with the image you downloaded, and booting from that. The faster the SD Card the better, it can have a BIG impact on application performance on a Pi. Hope that helps.