tunneling socket could not be established: 500

Hello! Could you please help me? I have this error:

Error: " Request error: tunneling socket could not be established, statusCode=500" when trying to reboot or restart container.

diagnostics tab : Some networking issues detected:
test_dockerhub: Could not query Docker Hub
test_balena_registry: Could not communicate with for authentication

Hi there,
regarding the 500 error, how do you get it? Do you try to reboot the device or does it appear on a different way?

The test_dockerhub is a false alarm from our side, and we are working on it. You can find the relevant GH issue here https://github.com/balena-io/device-diagnostics/issues/249.

Moreover could you please let me know about the balenaOS and supervisor version you are running in your device?

Host OS version: balenaOS 2.58.3+rev1 Supervisor version: 11.14.0

I tried following the public device url. Also, I tried to reboot the device.

Hello Anton, Im sorry I am not sure I understand what you mean about the public url, did you see that error when trying to reach the device publics URL? One thing which would help us understand what is happening is navigating to the diagnostic page and downloading the diagnostic report for the device. That should contain logs for the supervisor and other services which can help us debug these kind of issues

Here it is a diagnostic report:
fc7fbc7105b45d186b091a46c86638bb_2020.10.12_11.49.17+0000.pdf (339.2 KB)

So, I solved trouble and get a picture:

What do I need to do next? How can I make settings for camera?

Hey Anton! good to hear that it works for you! what project are you using? For the image it looks like the Hello World?

Great! It works! Thanks for your issue. It helped me to understand what should I do next))