Pi-Hole Admin Page Not Loading

Hello All,
I have followed this link https://www.balena.io/blog/deploy-network-wide-ad-blocking-with-pi-hole-and-a-raspberry-pi/#configurationoptions

To install the pi-hole on raspberry Pi and it went all well.
When i test the link provided in the above link, it says Add-Blocking enabled.
But I am not able to login to the Web console. It gives me this error and port is not listening on this device. There are no other applications installed on this raspberry pi.
I verified this post :: Cannot get pi-hole running on balena cloud - not being able to access public url
Setup all the environment variables and also the web password , still I am not able to login to the Web interface.

Thank you for any inputs to resolve this issue.

Kind regards.

We encountered an error when reaching this balena.io device:

UUID 08f93b39af429a36e8f36d938279cd92

tunneling socket could not be established: socket hang up

One possible reason is that nothing is listening on port 80 on the device.

Also I’m getting this while watching services


Hi @mdlisenbery, and welcome to the balena forums!

If you are able to enable support access for that device, we can take a closer look.

Please let us know if and when you enable access!

Also, does your RPi have 1 GB of memory? Some models have only 512 MB, and lack of memory is a possible reason for occasional “service exited”. (It’s just a thought: I don’t know for sure that the Pi-Hole project requires at least 1 GB of memory.)

UUID 08f93b39af429a36e8f36d938279cd92

Remote support enabled

Hi again @mdlisenbery,

We have taken a look at your device, and suspect it is not well suited to this project. The architecture of an RPi 1 / Zero is slightly different (armv6) than a RPi 2 or later (armhf). As there is no pihole project for your architecture provided from upstream, you might just be incompatible in that way. The project mentions that it’s only been tested on some of the more robust RPi models:

Raspberry Pi 2/3B/B+ (older devices might work, but we’ve not tested them)

If you have a RPi 2/3B/B+, you can try pushing to that device instead!

So this guide is incorrect? https://learn.adafruit.com/pi-hole-ad-blocker-with-pi-zero-w/install-pi-hole


Hey @mdlisenbery,

I’ve tested the Pi-Hole project on the Zero W and I can confirm that it doesn’t work correctly.
The Pi Zero is power/memory limited and may not work properly with balena.

I would suggest following the steps on the 3rd party source. If you are up for the challenge, you can also try merging both projects together and port it to balena.
Anything let us know.

Thank you