Webaccess to the Pi-Hole not working

Hello All,
I have followed this link https://www.balena.io/blog/deploy-network-wide-ad-blocking-with-pi-hole-and-a-raspberry-pi/#configurationoptions

To install the pi-hole on raspberry Pi and it went all well.
When i test the link provided in the above link, it says Add-Blocking enabled.
But I am not able to login to the Web console. It gives me this error and port is not listening on this device. There are no other applications installed on this raspberry pi.
I verified this post :: Cannot get pi-hole running on balena cloud - not being able to access public url
Setup all the environment variables and also the web password , still I am not able to login to the Web interface.

Thank you for any inputs to resolve this issue.

Kind regards.

We encountered an error when reaching this balena.io device:

UUID f1a42ae91bd4810a980afffc92d0d552

tunneling socket could not be established: socket hang up

One possible reason is because nothing is listening on port 80 on the device.

Hi @viLeo and welcome to the forums! Thanks for trying the project!

Please could you enable support access for your device? You can find it under Actions on the left hand menu when viewing your device in the dashboard. If you grant access for a week that should give one of us enough time to look at the device and figure out what’s going on.

Sorry for my late response Chrisys. It was urgent for my project work , so I have installed the Pi-Hole directly on the raspbian and it worked.
i will try to close this ticket.
Have a great time.