Pi-Hole Project

Followed the instructions here.

On a hardwired ethernet connection. My balena cloud account shows it online, but when i try to connect via its ip (http://ip.goes.here/admin) it times out. Also if i set my DNS to that of the raspberry pi, it also times out. Where do i look in the logs to see whats happening?

UUID 3293ef33d4eb69e2079808decbe13788
Support Access is enabled.

Hi, would you be able to re-enable support access for the device? It looks like it has expired.

Yes, this is reenabled.

Hey @thesuffering I took a look at the device, and it appears something is going wrong with the initialization, from the script 20-start.sh.

Did you make any changes to this file before pushing to balenaCloud?

Hey @thesuffering, it looks like you’re trying to run this project on a Pi Zero or Pi 1, in the project guide it states that you need a Raspberry Pi 2/3B/B+. See here for another user that had the very same issue: Pi-Hole Admin Page Not Loading

From the Pi Hole forums the Pi 1 Model B (what im using) is more than enough for Pi Hole. So it appears it must be BalenaOS is just too resource intensive for it with pi hole on top. Too bad, I really liked the cloud aspect of it and the relative ease of setup.

no, downloaded from the repo, unzipped, and pushed as per intructed.

@thesuffering it isn’t about resources, more that the Pi-hole Docker image used for this project does not support ARMv6 (Pi 1 and Zero). See here: https://github.com/pi-hole/docker-pi-hole/issues/245