Orbitty Carrier and Jetson TX2: which CTI BSP am I running?

According to https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1046052/jetson-tx2/wlan0-issues-on-jetson-tx2/post/5308932/#5308932

If I have an Orbitty flashed with Linux for Tegra and CTI BSP, and I do:

cat /etc/cti/CTI-L4T.version

I will see the CTI BSP version. However this file does not exist on an Orbitty and Jetson TX2 in either my services or the host OS.

Example device: https://dashboard.balena-cloud.com/devices/c7bd659a97a097938bb5ad359cd4d0cb/summary

Is this file or version number available on a balenaOS device?


For the Jetson TX2 boards, L4T v28.2.0 is used starting from the OS v2.12.5+rev3 release.

Yes but is the L4T version available at runtime? Especially the CTI BSP version?

Hi @jason10,

We don’t have the L4T and CTI BSP version files available in the OS.

An additional information that I can give you is that the device tree used for the Orbitty board comes from this archive: http://www.connecttech.com/ftp/Drivers/CTI-L4T-V118.tgz

Hmmm, CTI is up to version 121 of their BSP. I can verify that it works with a balena.io boot image for the Orbitty plus Jetson TX2.

It would be helpful to have this information available for issue reporting etc. Otherwise we’ll will have to record the version externally. Well, we could include the data in one of our containers.