Nvidia Jetson TX2 and orbitty carrier

When switching between the Nvidia Jetson TX2 on the development board and the Jetson TX2 on CTI Orbitty Carrier do we change the machine name from “jetson-tx2” to “orbitty-tx2”

That is, in the Dockerfile.template we would start with:

FROM balenalib/jetson-tx2-debian-openjdk:8-jdk-stretch-build-20181207

and replace that with

FROM balenalib/orbitty-tx2-debian-openjdk:8-jdk-stretch-build-20181207

Hi @jason10,

I think it’s not gonna make much difference in this case, since both images are pretty much the same: https://github.com/balena-io-library/base-images/blob/master/balena-base-images/device-base/orbitty-tx2/debian/jessie/run/Dockerfile vs https://github.com/balena-io-library/base-images/blob/master/balena-base-images/device-base/jetson-tx2/debian/jessie/run/Dockerfile

In other cases there may be more differences between the base images for different device types, but in most cases, images that are for the same architecture are still going to work. So you could use the base image for any aarch64 board and it would be fine, unless you need something that’s specific to a device type that’s present in one of the images and not the other.

I think I pointed to the wrong Dockerfiles, but they’re in that same repo. e.g. This would be for the jetson-tx2, but it’s based on the device-base, which is what I pointed to above, just stretch instead of debian: https://github.com/balena-io-library/base-images/blob/master/balena-base-images/openjdk/jetson-tx2/debian/stretch/8-jdk/run/Dockerfile - but the main idea still applies: both images are very very similar