JetPack 4.x / Tegra 32.2 Support for Jetson TX2 & Orbitty

Hello, We failed to boot BalenaOs using SD card. Stucked at NVIDIA screen.

Tried configurations:

  • Orbitty
    • JetPack 4.2.2 (L4T 32.2.1)
    • CTI - L4T Board Support Package (L4T 32.2.1)
    • BalenaOs (orbitty-tx2-2.45.1+rev1)
  • Jetson TX2
    • JetPack 4.3 (L4T 32.2.1)
    • BalenaOs (jetson-tx2-2.46.1+rev1)

It seems that BalenaOs do not supports L4T 32.x, as stated by documentation.

Based on some threads on different forums it seems that most of the development for supporting L4T 32.x is almost out there, and it is expected to be available soon after NVIDIA released the 32.2 version of L4T which contains some bootloader bug-fixes.

Are there any planned release in the foreseeable future that would support L4T32 (including Orbitty board based version)?

Best Regards

Hi Gábor

Yes we absolutely have plans for supporting this. We will be rolling out support in a few weeks i.e. early Feb.

Thanks for your response. Can’t wait for the new release :slight_smile: