Orange Pi One boot but no display


I have installed the BalenaOS on Orange Pi One. But it have only the command line booting on 1st second, then turn blank nothing on screen.

Have question, after boot, is there anything display with BalenaOS for Orange Pi One?

In Balena Dashboard, i still see it online, runing

Hello, I’m not sure what exactly you’re asking. Whether something is shown after boot really depends on the application you deploy on the device. From the screenshot I can see you have indeed deployed an app – what this app does or is expected to be doing? What do you see in the Dashboard logs? Anything of interest in the host OS logs?

Yes. The screenshot has application.

I mean here, without application, only BalenaOS, is there anything will display on screen after boot?

Hey, yes on a production mode device the splashscreen should show post-boot and stay there.

So, if I don’t see anything in the screen then what is the problem?


This board, OrangePi One, is a community supported board.

Balena team didn’t test it and it’s possible that video output doesn’t work at all.

The boards that are supported by Balena, pass through a test suite before being released.

It’s not the case for this board.