On dashboard, show system messages about service when filtering logs for one service

Right now, when clicking on the “Show logs” button next to one of the services on the dashboard, the filter applied shows messages coming from the container, but not system messages about that container (restarts etc). As a user, the logs help me understand what is happening with the container, and arguably the restarts are an important part of it - otherwise, not seeing these messages makes it hard to spot in the logs the point where the service has restarted - logs from different instances just get glued together in one stream.

Therefore, a sensible default would be to display logs for the selected service AND system messages BUT only the ones related to that service.

Hello, thanks for the suggestion, I will forward it to the team and get back to you.
As a note: you can create a custom filter which includes both the logs for a specific service and all the system messages at the same time. This can be done by manually adding a filter on the desired service and then clicking on Add Alternative to add one for is system message

I created an internal ticket and attached it to this thread. As soon as there is progress on it this conversation will re-open and a support agent will notify you about any updates.
Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with

Hi @nazrhom, thanks for your reply! Yes, I know there is that option, however that would display system messages about all services, where for example we currently have around a dozen running. The described functionality cannot really be achieved now. I don’t know if it would be a sensible default for all users, but it’s just something I’ve found hoping I had when working intensively with the dashboard.


thanks for the feature suggestion @maciej-ldc . We will look into supporting it, but currently as I understand it the system logs don’t have metadata on them to describe what service they are attached to, so not a super straightforward addition at this time as will require changing some of the data structures in several parts of the system. We will ping back if or when we start work on this functionality.