Logs are not displayed in the logs window, but are shown in balena logs


We have a container that logs some statements. We can see them on the host OS using following command:

balena logs -ft --tail=200 logger_370754_539852

However we can not see them in the Logs window:

How can we debug this or provide more information to fix this?


Do you see the logs if you remove the ‘service is logger’ filter?

Also, how does the application container log the statements? All output to stdout and stderr should be visible in the logs.

These logs were for the ‘logger’ service.
We didn’t see any logs even when removing the ‘service is logger’ filter.
We did see logs when requesting them using

balena logs -ft --tail=200 logger_370754_539852

The service logs statements to stdout.

We didn’t see this issue the last few weeks, maybe it was just a fluke?

Same problem here. We have a projects with half of the devices shows logs half do not show nothing.
The only (ugly) way is to enter the container and run “balena logs …” manually
Any help?

Hey @fraz could you link to your device and enable support access please?

Hi @CameronDiver.
i’ve enabled 1 week support access.
The device id is: 0b88e8e945370660bfa8bca6a800ef31

Thanks in advance.

Hi, fixed up the device, and you should see logs now.

The issue was that last summer we have changed our logging environment. Supervisors released before before that change couldn’t handle this new logging, but any supervisor after 7.16.6 does natively use the new logging system (that is in OS version 2.15.1, so all versions above have never have issues with logging)

For older supervisors, we created patched versions that enabled them to also use the new logging system. On currently running devices we can do that update with a very small supervisor update in place. That’s what we did on your device.

There are other options, like you yourself update the device to newer OS version that pulls in the new supervisor (in the self-service OS updates section of the device)

We’ve also backported the supervisor changes as new revisions of the minor version of the OS (that’s the same OS, but pached supervisor so it works out of the box, even if older than our change). For example 2.12.7+rev3, 2.13.6+rev2 are such backports for your device type. If you need to deploy older versions now, would recommend using them.

Does this help and clarify things? Do you need any other devices unblocked, if not as above? :slight_smile: