How to see suppressed messages in the log file

I am using a docker image that is logging a lot which regularly results in a warning about suppressed messages due to slow reading in my BalenaCloud dashboard Logs window. Is there a way to see those suppressed messages ? If so where can I find them ?

28.08.19 14:24:20 (+0200)  pulseaudio-server  D: [pulseaudio] alsa-util.c:   avail_min    : 1104
28.08.19 14:24:33 (+0200) Warning: Suppressed 328 message(s) due to slow reading
28.08.19 14:24:34 (+0200)  pulseaudio-server  I: [pulseaudio] module-suspend-on-idle.c: Sink alsa_output.default idle for too long, suspending ...

Hi janvda, while you cannot get those messages directly from the dashboard (they’re being dropped for a reason!) we do expose an on-device API which allows you to stream the device journal. There is an example application using this endpoint here:, and it is discussed in our documentation here:

Let me know how you get on, and if you require any further assistance! Cheers.

Thanks for sharing this. It is not that important for me to see all those suppressed messages but I was just wondering if there was an easy to way to view them.