and Raspberry Pi clusters


I am new to the community.

We’re developing a data center built with Raspberry Pi 2’s and powered by renewable energy.

My question is, would be a good choice for deploying the Pi’s in large quantities?

We have a 38,000 sq ft data center being built and would love to hear your thoughts on deploying the Pi’s with resin.


Welcome to the community Darren :slight_smile:

Sounds very interesting! was engineered to handle massive deployments, so I’m sure it would be suitable for your use case. Mind sending me a mail( so we can discuss it more in detail?


Thank your returning my email, I did not know who in your group I should have tried to contact.

We own a data center that is being built now.

We would like to teach the “future” engineers about, Raspberry Pi, etc.

We are conducting a community project that:

  1. Will involve schools and University of Toronto
  2. Raspberry Pi
  3. Solar and Hydrogen energy

We’re not specialists in large scale deployments of Raspberry Pi.

One of our project partners suggested and Kickstarter as a “advertisement” opportunity to get more people involved.

Can help guide us?

I specialize in new hydrogen generators, not a Raspberry Pi deployment specialist.

We could use amyone’s help.