ODROID-XU4, ResinOS 2.x support planned?

Current images for ODROID-XU4 devices uses ResinOS 1.24.0 – is this device planned to have ResinOS 2.x available soon?

If contribution possible, are some resources available within the docs that would help me build an image of my own that uses ResinOS 2.x?


Hi @donfmorrison, now there’s an up-to-date, 2.9.7 version of resinOS for the Odroid-XU4 available in production if you’d like to test! Let us know if you give it a try!


Thank you, @imrehg works great!

I would also like to learn how to build an image that can be used with the dashboard (with supervisor, etc) from scratch. Is there a good tutorial for that available?

Or maybe even just a tutorial that shows what commands are needed from CLI that would take one of the beta images and assign it to an app within my account?


The Odroid images are based on this repo, check the readme there how to build your images

The --resinio flag is required to build “managed” images with the supervisor in them, that can connect to the dashboard.

When the image is done, on the install media you have to add your own config.json (that you can download from the dashboard in the advanced settings of the Add a device menu, or can generate from the CLI).

That is the same for the beta images as well, just download one from https://dashboard.resinstaging.io, replace the config.json with a production one, and user that to provision a device.