Release Notes - 9th Feb. 2018

Hi Everyone, sorry for the relative radio silence over the past weeks on posting release notes. The team has been super focused on getting multicontainer ready for release, so hopefully the release notes in the coming weeks are gonna be super exciting.

For now I will just give you some highlights of the things we releases in the last week or so. You will notice that the resinOS team has been hard at work releasing a bunch of new things.


  • Meta-resin was bumped up to v2.9.7, notable changes:

    • The boot partition now includes an os-release file that will allow other tools to more easily identify OS versions and act accordingly
    • Update Balena Engine to include container locks fix, this fixes some issue we have seen where the container’s hostConfig becomes corrupt and requires an image redownload.
    • Updated the supervisor to v6.6.0, which is notable as it adds an API for proxy and hostname configuration at runtime. Checkout the new host-config API endpoint in the docs.
  • The Odroid XU4 device type has been upgraded to v2.9.7+rev2 and with this change we have also switched it to use the overlayFS storage driver. Note: Currently the HDMI is NOT working on this XU4 version.

  • The UP board device type has been upgraded to v2.9.7+rev2 and has now also disables random MAC address generation when scanning for a WiFi connection

  • The Intel NUC device type has been upgraded to to v2.9.7+rev1 and also adds support for RTL8723BE and RTL8821AE based WiFi/BT cards.

  • The Jetson TX2 device type has been upgraded to v2.9.7+rev2.

  • now serves latest images of unmanaged resinOS for the following device types:

    • Rpi 1,2,3 resinOS
    • Varcite Dart resinOS
    • UP board resinOS
    • Beaglebone resinOS
    • Intel NUC resinOS
    • TS4900 resinOS
    • Jetson TX2 resinOS
    • Siemens IOT2000 resinOS

Resin CLI

We are currently beta testing a packaged, cross platform, standalone binary version of the CLI. It can be downloaded from the github releases page, so give it a test and help us catch some bugs.

Base images:

  • Added images for Jetson TX1, which we will be adding support for in the coming weeks.
  • Added support for Alpine 3.7 and edge (development branch) versions for those who like living on the bleeding edge.

Thats all for this week, if you have questions about any of the release notes or things you would like clarified, feel free to ping me in this thread :slight_smile:



Also in: self-service updates for jetson TX2, IOT2000, QEMU, and TS-4900. Can find it in the Actions menu for those device types.

How will ResinOS manage functionality that is deployed with versions of the NVIDIA Jetpack for TX1/TX2?

For example, Jetpack 3.2 was recently released on March 9, 2018. Will the first TX1 support in ResinOS make all of the functionality from Jetpack 3.2 available?


So, there are two parts to the JetPack, one is the low level software (firmwares, bootloaders, kernel etc.) and the other is the high level software (CUDA libraries, tensorflow etc). The two sides even though dependent on each other should be compatible between different versions.
ResinOS only includes the low level bits, the rest is left for the user to add in containers. So we might test our OS with Jetpack 3.1, but users can go an install 3.2 libraries in their containers.
With that being said we try to keep up with the JetPack version as closely as possible, so do expect in general that we test and include in ResinOS the latest JetPack version. There is a warning in the dashboard that will tell you what version of the JetPack we have tested against.
The TX1 when released will be straight on JetPack 3.2.
Kind regards,