Building a production ResinOS image for ODROID-XU4

I’ve been messing around with the dev image ResinOS on the ODROID-XU4, and while I’m encouraged by the workflows it enables, I’m looking to try out a production image as well so we can know if ResinOS could be a long-term solution for us.

I’ve cloned the resin-os/resin-odroid repo, but I’ve run into errors on all the tags. I started with v2.0.0-beta.1, which fails as follows:

ERROR: Function failed: opkg-build execution failed
ERROR: Logfile of failure stored in: /home/acfoltzer/src/resin-odroid/build/tmp/work/all-poky-linux/linux-firmware/1_0.0+gitAUTOINC+75cc3ef8ba-r0/temp/log.do_package_write_ipk.3797
Log data follows:
| DEBUG: Executing python function sstate_task_prefunc
| DEBUG: Python function sstate_task_prefunc finished
| DEBUG: Executing python function do_package_write_ipk
| DEBUG: Executing python function read_subpackage_metadata
| DEBUG: Python function read_subpackage_metadata finished
| DEBUG: Executing python function do_package_ipk
| linux-firmware-iwlwifi-8000C-13
| *** Error: Package name  contains illegal characters, (other than [a-z0-9.+-])
| opkg-build: Please fix the above errors and try again.
| DEBUG: Python function do_package_ipk finished
| DEBUG: Python function do_package_write_ipk finished
| ERROR: Function failed: opkg-build execution failed
ERROR: Task 1267 (/home/acfoltzer/src/resin-odroid/build/../layers/poky/meta/recipes-kernel/linux-firmware/, do_package_write_ipk) failed with exit code '1'

Both master and v2.3.0+rev1 fail because the resin-os/docker repo no longer seems to exist, but those builds depend on it.

Is there any current way to build a production image for this board?

Hi @acfoltzer
We’re currently going through the later stages of testing of resinOS 2.x for the ODROID-XU4
This OS version is available on our staging environment if you’d like to preview it

Hi @acfoltzer,

We have a resinOS 2.x image (currently 2.9.7+rev2) available for the ODROID-XU4 in production now. If you are still interested in this board you should be able to use the latest and greatest resinOS release now!

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