Odroid C1 and C1+ local SSH access

I noticed that a -dev version of the image is not available for this device. Is there any way to add a vanilla ResinOS device with the config file? I would like to have SSH access to the device so I can set up Jenkins for automated builds to be pushed to Docker Hub for this architecture. I’ve got lots of plans for this device but want to be able to use it as both an application machine with Compose, and a build box during the night.

My only other option here would be to run a docker daemon with my Compose config and let Jenkins SSH into that nested Docker engine for build orchestration.

We have not yet released resinOS 2.x for the Odroid family of boards.

@josephroberts is there an estimate about the arrival date for resinOS 2.3 on Odroid? The curent version is multiple versions behind. Is there a list of devices which have a high probability of getting timely OS updates? There is this nice feature of the resin machine name interpolation in the Dockerfile.template but it doesn’t help a lot if the os versions are so different that the same commands do not work on both platforms.


Unfortunately, we don’t have an estimated arrival date for resinOS 2.3 on the Odroid. In general, the RPi, Beaglebone and NUC families receive updates first.

Ok, so I guess it is not advisable to use Odroid for production deployments as it is not clear if it will be updated? (General availability of 2.x for resin.io was half a year ago.) This would be sad, as the Odroids have a good performance, HDMI out and also interesting pricing, a combination I have not seen on any other of the supported boards.

We support many boards and continually adjust our priorities for adding board support based on customer needs. We’re interested in knowing more about your project and use case. Can you send an email to sales@resin.io and we can move the conversation there? Thanks.

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Don’t forget about Gigabit Ethernet connected directly to the CPU, not with USB.