Odroid C1+ Black screen, issues pushing code

I created a Resin application for Odroid C1+ and flashed the internal eMMC with the ResinOS image. On boot, the device shows up in the dashboard as Online but shows only a black screen on HDMI (no Resin splash screen). I tried pushing code to the device, and the Docker build completed successfully but the device is not attempting to update. It still shows “Factory build” as the Commit despite the Docker build showing success in the Releases section.

Also, when I try to create an image for this application, it doesn’t show any versions initially. I was only able to get v1.24.0 by clicking “show outdated versions”.

Are there any known issues with Odroid that could cause this? Is v1.24.0 the latest Odroid ResinOS version, and if so are there plans to update to v2?

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We have plans to release ResinOS v2 for the Odroid, but there is no release date scheduled yet.

With regards to there not being any OS versions shown initially in the ‘Add device’ modal, I’ve added this to the dashboard issue queue and we’ll address it in an upcoming release.

Would you please provide a link to the affected device and allow support access to it for the next 24 hours?


Hi Lucian, thanks for your help. I enabled support access on the device, its UUID is fbc11a26b79a8352b429e98bbdc34b1726b7c62f474c29702d6fbe277f9a0b. Let me know if there’s a more helpful link I should be providing. It should be online now.

Hello, This device had a corrupted data partition. I reformatted it and started the supervisor.
It should be working now.

Great thanks, I see it is receiving code updates and outputting video now.

Do you know why it might have gotten corrupted? I imaged this device by flashing the internal eMMC with the Resin image. Should that work? The image instructions say to flash the MicroSD card, I wasn’t sure if it was intended to use MicroSD as the ResinOS boot disk or whether the MicroSD would flash the eMMC with ResinOS.

@zvin Unfortunately 'm seeing these errors in the logs now, and my application fails to start:

Failed to initialize automounter: Permission denied
Cannot finalize remaining file systems, continuing.
Failed to finalize  file systems, ignoring

Currently it’s in a loop doing the following repeatedly:

xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for outputdefault
Display in  state


I think the normal way of using resin os on this device is booting directly from the sd card.
I’m not sure how the internal eMMC got corrupted.
We recommend using this kind of sd cards: https://www.amazon.com/Lexar-Professional-microSDXC-UHS-II-LSDMI64GCBNL1000R/dp/B00U77V5IW

Could you please try rebooting the device, some services or mounts may not be present because of the previous corruption.