NPE X500 M3 Wifi

I am unable to use wifi using th NPE X500 M3 image. The config for the wifi can be found in the image, but after etching into the device I cannot find the wifi config any longer. Furthermore it is not able to connect to BalenaVPN using the wifi. The device used is a ModBerry X500-M38-MAX-NBIOT.

Hi, I assume you can access the device either via the serial connection or sshing through a different network interface. So please open a shell into the hostOS and check the following details:

  1. From lsmod, check the wireless module is loaded
  2. From nmcli c show check the status of the wireless connection
  3. From journalctl --no-pager -u os-networkmanager, check for any related error message from network manager
  4. From the output of dmesg, check to see any error from the wireless driver

If everything seems in order you might have provided the wrong credentials. Try to connect manually with:
nmcli device wifi rescan
nmcli device wifi list
nmcli device wifi connect <ssid/ password <password>