BalenaOS won't install on Banana Pi M1

I create an application, add a device, etcher image to SD card, boot on Banana Pi but it never appears in Balena Cloud.

I connected a monitor, all I see is a fullscreen Balena logo.

I’ve created devices on a number of Pi devices, so I know I’m using the correct installation process.

What could I try next.


  • What kind of device is this?
  • How are you connecting to the internet, wifi?
  • Are there any blinking status lights on the device?
    Thank you
  1. It’s the Banana Pi M1 it uses the A20 controller.
  2. I am connecting to the internet over wifi.
  3. There is a power-light but nothing blinking.

Thanks for your help.

ref: BPI-M1

I have just noticed the supported device is the Banana Pi M1 Plus. The standard M1 does not have built in WiFi! :man_facepalming:

I have a USB WiFi module. I don’t suppose that will be enough to work though …

Hey, these things happen to most of us at some point. There is some guidance here regarding USB WiFi dongles - Supported WiFi adapters - Balena Documentation

In the name of science, I have tested this with ethernet instead and can confirm (so far) it looks like the M1 is supported. Happy days.