Intel NUC 10 - no wifi with balenaOS

After some effort I have been able to flash and boot balenaOS v2.50.1+rev1 (dev mode) on my Intel NUC 10 (10i7fnh1) (using balenaClound dashboard and Etcher). I had to disable secure boot, switch to Legacy S3 Standby instead of Modern Standby and enable legacy boot in my NUC’s BIOS settings before things started working.

However, the wifi doesn’t appear to be working - see attached dmesg output and the output from ip addr and ifconfig.

Note: I verified the (built-in) wifi works fine when I install Ubuntu instead of balenaOS.

I’ve found various posts (e.g. this one) that suggest wifi should be supported from v2.50.0. But it’s not working on my setup :frowning:

Any suggestions on things I can change/try to get this working?

dmesg.log (58.2 KB)

Hi @grahammcculloch,

I presume you’re getting similar output when running nmcli from the HostOS terminal?

Something to check would be the actual WiFi connection file in /mnt/boot/system-connections. You should see a file called resin-wifi-01 which would’ve been created when you added your wifi credential when adding the device to your application. If such a file does not exist, you can copy the resin-sample.ignore file to something like nuc-wifi and edit it to match your network settings. For example:






You can create multiple WiFi connection files this way for different SSID networks, too.

Let us know how you make out.


Thanks for your response.

Yes - the results of nmcli are similar - no mention of wifi or wireless interface, just the devices listed by ifconfig etc.

I do indeed have the /mnt/boot/system-connections/resin-wifi-01 file and it’s contents are exactly as per your example, with the correct SSID name and password in place.

Any further suggestions for debugging why wifi fails on balenaOS on my NUC 10?

By the way, I just purchased a USB WiFi Dongle (TP-Link TL-WN722N), plugged it into my NUC and restarted the NUC and my application connected to the dashboard correctly. So the problem definitely
seems related to the onboard wifi of the NUC 10.


The team is working on an update, but its taking a bit because it is dependent on the supervisor as well as the host OS. In the meantime, you can follow the progress here -

Hello Graham

The latest balena OS release for Intel boards (v2.68.1) now has support for the 10th generation Intel NUC.