wifi won't connect

I used the balena dashboard to download the image and configure my wifi. Hwoever it won’t connect to my AP.

I am 100% certain the password is correct because I mounted the sd card on my pc then copy and pasted the password so I could join my pc to my wifi. I could join it with no problems.

One thing I did notice is, there is no resin-wifi file in /resin-boot/system-connections however there is a file callled balena-wifi-01 file in /mnt/boot/system-connections. It contains the settings for wifi.

is there an easy way i can get my wifi dongle to scan for wireless networks? Just so I know it works. I am running the raspberry pi 1.2b board which doesn’t have onboard wifi. So I am using a usb wireless dongle.

nmcli con show --active
my wifi dongle isn’t listed there

however it appears the dongle is detected by the kernel as it’s listed when I execute lsusb

Hello @ageis first of all welcome to the balena community!

I have some questions for you:

  • Could you please confirm that you can see the modem through the /dev/ttyusb*?
  • Did you turn on your device with the modem connected?
  • Could you please confirm the brand of your modem?
  • Could you please try something like mmcli -m 0?


You have misunderstood me. It’s not a modem. It’s a USB wifi dongle by lb-link. According to lsusb it’s a ralink. According to dmesg, it’s using rt2800usb driver and is 5

If the wifi dongle should have a ttyusb device file then I don’t see one.

Yes I did boot up the raspberry pi with the wifi dongle connected

Hi Steven, is this WiFi dongle working on the official RaspberryPi OS?

I’m encountering a same situation. I’m confident that my Wi-Fi password is correct (as it works flawlessly on my PC), my Raspberry Pi isn’t connecting to my access point. One notable observation is the absence of a resin-wifi file in /resin-boot/system-connections , but I do have a balena-wifi-01 file in /mnt/boot/system-connections with the correct Wi-Fi settings. It’s worth noting that I’m using a Raspberry Pi 1.2b board with a USB wireless dongle, as it doesn’t have onboard Wi-Fi. The issue gets murkier as my dongle isn’t listed in the nmcli con show --active command.

Hi Gavin, what is the brand and model of the WiFI dongle you are using? Did you confirmed it works with RaspberryPi OS?

Hello @GavinBrody could you please confirm the brand and model of the WiFi dongle you are using? Did you confirm it works with Raspberry Pi OS?