noob: help with banana pi device

Hello! I’m trying to connect a Banana PI M1+ to OpenBalena and it appears always offline. I don’t know what would be the steps to get it to work. I’m using the basic myApp from the getting started guide. Here are the things I tried.

When I try to connect the same device+fleet to balenaCloud, it works with no problem.
If I try a raspi3 with my OpenBalena server, it connects without a problem.

But if I to connected try the Banana M1+ to my OpenBalena, it shows up on the list but with Status “N/a”, is Online “false” and no info on supervisor or os version. Nothing changes even after one hour connected.

How do I start to debug this?



In general the first step to debugging these kinda things is to see if you can get some logs from the device.
There are a few ways to do this: attaching a screen or a serial port are usually the most straightforward.
You could also set the configuration of your device to enable persistent logging, and look at the journal after booting it.

It would also help to know how you’ve set up OpenBalena and whether you have any logs from it.


Hello @brunovianna , As @tjvv pointed, it is difficult to get a sense of what is happening with your device without any logs. You mentioned that you used the general getting started guide. However, here is a getting started guide specific to the Banana PI M1+. Perhaps it might be useful: Get started with BananaPi-M1+ and Node.js - Balena Documentation

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This is very helpful @TJvV and @jmakivic. I’ll look into the Banana guide and if it won’t work, I’ll publish the logs here.

Thanks x1000!

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Keep us updated @brunovianna and welcome to balena