Device showing offline this morning

This morning I see one of my applications has it’s only device showing as offline. But I know it’s up and running as I can use the app running on it. I hard rebooted the device (disconnected power) and still the dashboard is showing it as offline. So I did a git push balena master command and that ran fine. But it still shows as offline in the dashboard. What’s the best way to get the device back online in the dashboard without losing the app data thats on the device?

Hey there,

The cause might be due to the device not connecting correctly to the VPN, the supervisor not reporting the device status correctly, or maybe something else. If you don’t mind you can enable support for the device and send me its UUID and I can have a look at it. I will PM you and you can send it there.


sure. thx

Hey there,

It seems the device fails to connect to the VPN by the looks of it, so I would suggest you first look at there threads:

And try the suggestions that are listed there. If that fails to solve your issue let us know and we can have a deeper look into the issue.


Hey, just one more thing I failed to mention earlier, can you please share the VPN logs (retrievable using journalctl -a -u openvpn) in the public thread, as well as any of your findings? I think it will be helpful both to us and other users that will stumble upon the thread. Thanks a lot!

I could not get this resolved with my existing device using the OS version that it had installed. I had to update it to the latest OS version (balenaOS 2.29.2+rev2). Unfortunately it also meant that I lost my data on the device.