Open balena device offline(2021)

Hi there,

Attempting to use openbalena but keep running into walls. I am able to spin up everything using the quick start, CNAME’s are configured and everything on the network/firewall side is pointed to the server, I am able to log in, add fleets and deploy but any device I try, the device is showing offline. From all the other articles on here I think it’s related to the VPN but hard to tell.

F.Y.I. I am using a Caddy proxy in front of everything as my production servers all have a proxy in front and port 80 is reserved for this proxy coming from the WAN.

Any ideas where to start digging?

Balena CLI version: 12.51.1


Hi @jordan-lumley,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, when a device is not able to establish a VPN connection there are only limited ways you can still access to debug. This will need the device access (also to the SD card/eMMC - assuming as raspberry-pi like device).

Are you trying dev or prod images? I would recommend use a dev image and add your public ssh key to the config.json located in the boot partition of the device. This will allow you to ssh into the device from the local network. Ref: meta-balena/ at master · balena-os/meta-balena · GitHub

Once you are able to SSH, check the device logs or possibly share the logs with us.