No Services Tab on balenaSound Device Summary - No Broadcasts

Hey All!

  1. I see no services listed on the balenaSound Device Summary Tab. (No airplay, audio, bluetooth…)

  2. I see no bluetooth or Airplay client on my network - from the balenaSound device.

Any thoughts on how to access the services view / fix bluetooth & Airplay broadcast? (example)

I did a fresh deployment via a SD card flash from balenaCloud.
On the first boot, the device had two IPs and two MAC addresses.
I resolved this by ‘restart services’ and then ‘reboot’ via balenaCloud.
However, no services view or services being broadcast.

UUID: 0d266967fd1a5695efe6bbc09cbafd66
Raspberry Pi 3 (using 64bit OS)
balenaOS 2.80.3+rev1
Supervisor 12.7.0

All Device health checks succeeded.
DEVICE DIAGNOSTICS from Balena Cloud for this device attached
0d266967fd1a5695efe6bbc09cbafd66_diagnostics_2021.09.14_23.42.50+0000.txt (608.4 KB)
Support access granted for 1 week.