No Services Tab on balenaSound Device Summary - No Broadcasts

Hey All!

  1. I see no services listed on the balenaSound Device Summary Tab. (No airplay, audio, bluetooth…)

  2. I see no bluetooth or Airplay client on my network - from the balenaSound device.

Any thoughts on how to access the services view / fix bluetooth & Airplay broadcast? (example)

I did a fresh deployment via a SD card flash from balenaCloud.
On the first boot, the device had two IPs and two MAC addresses.
I resolved this by ‘restart services’ and then ‘reboot’ via balenaCloud.
However, no services view or services being broadcast.

UUID: 0d266967fd1a5695efe6bbc09cbafd66
Raspberry Pi 3 (using 64bit OS)
balenaOS 2.80.3+rev1
Supervisor 12.7.0

All Device health checks succeeded.
DEVICE DIAGNOSTICS from Balena Cloud for this device attached
0d266967fd1a5695efe6bbc09cbafd66_diagnostics_2021.09.14_23.42.50+0000.txt (608.4 KB)
Support access granted for 1 week.

Hey @adamsiem first of all welcome to the balena forums :smiley:

So how did you deploy balenaSound to the device? Have you downloaded and pushed the code from the original repo?

There are multiple ways to push the balenaSound application to your device. Cloning the repo and pushing it via balena push is one way of doing it:
There is also the Deploy with Balena button that streamlines the push as you don’t need to download the repo.

Finally, you could look into deploying via Hub as well: balenaHub: an easier way to find and publish fleets and projects for edge devices

Hi @gelbal - thank you!

I did Deploy with balena. It’s visible on my balena dashboard. Status ‘online.’

How do I access the BalenaSound UI? I never saw any balenaSound device appear as an Airplay on my network. I am not sure if it is running…

I get no response at either IP address, or http://balena.local

I have an HDMI cable ready to push out Airplay audio to my receiver.

I believe part of my issue may be that it has two IPs and two Mac addresses?



Hey Adam

Are you using Ethernet as well as WiFi? If that’s the case you would see 2 IP addresses

Also, what do you mean by the balenaSound UI? Do you mean the balenaCloud dashboard where you would see the different services and be able to set environment variables?