No service after a fresh install

I’m new to Balena, and i installed Balena sound on a PI 3 A+.
I deployed the install from the site with the correct settings.

I can see my device online, but as it seems there are no services,… i can’t see it trough bluetooth, nor do i see the device in the list of devices on Spotify, nor anythinge else…

Please help a newbee out :slight_smile:

I deployed a PI4 in the same way (from the hub) same issue,…
It seems like i’m forgetting something :s

Nevermind,… fixed it,… my guess is i didn’t deploy the correct version…

Nice to know you figured it out! By correct version, do you mean for the right device type?

I think (but as stated before, i am a newbie) i flashed a “bare” balena, and not a balena-sound,… could that be?


If you only flash a clean balenaOS, then it wouldn’t know anything about balena sound application or bluetooth devices you’re trying to connect. If you click “deploy with balena” in the balena sound repo, it’ll flash the OS and download the correct applications.

Out of curiosity, what did you do that worked?

i created a fleet named “balena-sound” and before is was “Sound”