Don't services after bootup

After creating a Fleet, my raspberry pi 3 boot up, but had no services, example Bluetooth, etc… showing up.

Hi, is this your first fleet? Can you also remember and write down the steps you have undertaken while deploying your device?

Hello, no I have done a couple of Fleet. The first one was working ok with all the device services. It is the next ones I have done that gave no services to it. I have decided to do new fleet to see if it would correct the fact I was not able to here sound out my old speaker, I also tried with headset with no success.
The step I have done are as follows.
Put my organization, choose my raspberry Pi 3 be(using 63bit is).
Fleet type Starter.

Click on Create and Deploy.
In my BalenaCloud in summary I choose Add Device. Select version v2.65.0+rev1(recommended).
Choose wifi+ethernet, enter username and password.
Choose Download balenaOS.
After the file have downloaded, I use balenaEtcher to flash the IMG to my sdcard.

I just redone a new Fleet and now I got the services, I will test if I can get sound coming out my speakers.The thing I remark is had no Release on my other fleet and for this one, I have one.

Hello again, I test with my Samsung Tab s7, went to Bluetooth, saw BLUETOOTH, click and pair. Play music, but no sound coming out of my speakers.
I tried with my cell phone, but when pairing with Bluetooth, it unpaid after a couple of seconds.
Is it possible that the sound output in my raspberry Pi 3 be is configured for hmdi?

Hi, on my balena dashboard where I can see services all of them are working and then stop, work, stop, what is wrong?
Thank you

Hello, everything is working fine except for the sound output, I get no sound coming out for the headphone, I know my speaker are ok, cause tested them on an other sound system. I run diagnostic check all green, what do you think?
Thank you
Yvon Béchard


Have you had a chance to take a look at this link for troubleshooting the audio? Support - Home

It links to a couple of github issues that might help as well: