Something has changed, and I'm confused and consequently stuck

the last instance of balenasound that I built/flashed and put in place had airplay and bluetooth and spotify just come up at boot.
the one I spun up on a new fleet/Pi last week…not so much.
Where do I create a release, and why must I download and install CLI tools? I don’t recall having to do that in the past…

UPDATE - I’ve reflashed with the current production version of the OS and no change to the services. I’ve also found a balenasound image from one of my earlier builds that I know works, so that’ll be what I put on this new machine.

Tomorrow is Dec 1st @tmigone …lots to get done before the holidays

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Hi @heysoundude, sorry for the delayed response, all plugins you listed (airplay, bluetooth, spotify) are still part of balenaSound so you should be seeing them unless something went wrong.

If you are still experiencing issues can you specify:

  • what device you are running balenaSound on
  • what version of balenaOS
  • attach device logs (you can download them via balenaCloud dashboard)
  • output of visiting http://DEVICE_IP_ADDRESS/support in your browser (replace DEVICE_IP_ADDRESS with your device’s IP address which you can get from balenaCloud dashboard).

Regarding deploying methods, balena CLI is not actually required to deploy balenaSound. We support three different methods today:

The last time I tried the first method (a month ago, roughly) I couldn’t get any of the services to launch. No Spotify, no Bluetooth, no airplay. What’s the fix to that?

It’s hard to tell without device logs, but since none of the plugins were working my guess is either the audio/supervisor service crashed or the device did not download the release properly. Restarting services via dashboard would probably fix if the latter. I suggest re-deploying the app.

I did. Twice. Same thing. So I went in another direction.