No ISO file inside appimage

What happens when ISO file is not inside app image download? There is nothing to select.

Hi @nctheo and welcome to the forums. Can you give us some more information on what you are trying to do? Which app image download are you referring to?

@nctheo are you referring to an AppImage download i.e. If so, I don’t understand what you are trying to use Etcher for as these are files are designed to simply be run on the target Linux machine and can be copied as regular files. Is there something specific you are trying to achieve? Etcher is designed for flashing OS images.

Sure, thanks for the quick response Garett. I currently have gallium 2.1 installed on a chromebox CN60. Working quite well, and hoping to continue onto the next version.

I downloaded the gallium 3.1 app image (for Haswell) from intending to create a bootable USB and then upgrade. After unzipping to my downloads folder, at step 4 of the wiki instructions: there is nothing inside the app image. It’s like it’s an empty folder.

It’s looking for an iso file I guess but nothing is inside. I was thinking this is a root issue but not sure how to resolve it.

I’m relatively new to Linux but willing to learn. Thanks for any tips you can provide.


Hi Aaron,
Looks like the correct image for flashing to USB is galliumos-3.1-haswell.iso (which you can get from the gallium downloads page). Is that the one you are trying to use with etcher, or something else?
Regards, Scott

Hey Scott,

Thanks for following up. Just now getting back to this. The download of the ISO file had failed, which is why I wasn’t seeing it pop up in balena. The second time it worked great. I was able to create a USB stick and install from it. My Chromebox is now upgraded to 3.1. Balena is a very slick tool by the way.

Thank you, and your team!