Need ETCHER to write ISO/ IMG to SD-Card, is only as appimage available

Hi all,

I need a program to write ISOs/ IMGs to SD-card.I tried Unetbootin and MX-17s own applications,
but Unetbootin caused mistakes and MX-17s own applications only know ISOs, but no IMGs.
Now I found ETCHER, but tis is only available as appimage.Can I make MX-17 handle appimages?
I need ETCHER to write Armbian to SD-card for my Asus Tinker Board.Or any other suggestions what program to use instead of unetbootin or etcher?

Please help

I didn’t find the right solution from the internet.

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Noel, the AppImage format is just how you download and execute the Etcher program on Linux. On Windows it would be Etcher.exe and on MacOS probably Etcher.dmg. You can open the AppImage from the Downloads folder (in the Files app) and then you will be able to select your ISO/IMG and the target SD/USB.

Note that whether the USB will be bootable depends ENTIRELY on whether the creators of the ISO/IMG enabled the ability for it to understand booting from USB (aka hybrid image).

Occasionally the image file will have an extension like .usb or .isoimg that Etcher doesn’t understand so it doesn’t show up in the image picker. If you KNOW it is a valid image for USB/SD writing, you can change the extension to IMG and Etcher should then see it and attempt to let you write it. Be VERY CAREFUL as this could trash your USB/SD if it isn’t actually an image.

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