Newbie with BalenaSound blinking out

Hello… thanks in advance for any help you my have. I’m pretty new with RaspberryPi (I’ve done 4 easy projects so far) so thanks also for your patience with me.

I built the BalenaSound project a few months ago and it mostly worked ok. I used a Pi Zero W and added the Pimoroni pHAT DAC.

I say mostly works because I have one irritating issue: while listening to Spotify or You Tube streamed from an iPhone or iPad, the audio blinks out every couple minutes. I have tried two phones and one iPad and they all do this. Basically, the audio goes silent for about a half second, and then picks up where it was. I have solid broadband and can stream 4K video no problem so I don’t think that’s the problem. Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

Thank you! -pat