Newbie Question regarding installing some Grafana plugins / telegraf agent

Hi !

I made the tutorial “Take readings from a BME680 sensor or Sense-HAT on a Pi or Pi Zero, store with InfluxDB and view with Grafana” and I would like to add some grafana plugins and a Telegraf agent. Is this possible or I should make it all from scratch ? I tried to make some post instalation through the terminals (grafana terminal) but it did not worked. Thanks in advance.


Hi @osokaru, welcome to balena! I’m not an expert on grafana, but I would imagine you could add the plugins to the Dockerfile here: . You could also add the telegraf service in there too or you could add it as another container as in this example project that sets up the full T.I.C.K stack

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Thx. First, I need to learn a little bit about Docker then I’ll try it. Balena its an excellent platform for learning some DevOps technologies. I will play a lot with it. Regards from barcelona!