Edge device (e.g. raspberry pi) monitoring based on Telegraf, Influxdb and Grafana




I am glad to share the following composite docker application

This application can be used to monitor the system resources of a device based on the arm architecture (e.g. raspberry pi).

Rationale for this application
I am planning to run multiple services on a single raspberry pi as a multi container application using Balena. For this I would like to be able to check if the raspberry has sufficient resources (memory, cpu, disk) to run all these services. So therefore I have created as a start this monitoring application which I will then gradually extend with other services while keeping a close eye on the system metrics dashboard.

Here an example of the system metrics dashboard provided by this application:

Note that this is the first version of this application and I am well aware that it has many short comings. So I will welcome all feedback. Also any issues (for features or defects) you report in my github repository will be more than appreciated.


Lm-sensors or other way to monitor cpu, board temperatures

I have extended my github project with nginx that acts as reverse proxy server. It is currently mapping http/https requests to port 30000 (= port used by grafana UI).

This version of the repository is tagged in github with v1.01
The previous working version (see above post) without nginx is tagged with v1.00

Note that in the mean time this github repository has been extended with many containers (Node-RED, mqtt) and consequently I have also renamed this repository from balena-edge-device-monitoring into balena-node-red-mqtt-nginx-TIG-stack.


@janvda thanks for sharing your work! I’m a big fan of Grafana dashboards :grin: