NEWBIE - Balena & HIFIBerry

Apologies for this. Its almost certainly going to be a daft question.
I’m completely green to all this DIY stuff. Ive been living in a world of Apple for far too long !

I just received my Raspberry Pi 4 & HIFIBerry Amp2
A friend advised me to have a look at installing Balena Sound.
It all looks great Ive installed the software onto my Micro SD installed the card etc.
My Bluetooth settings is showing BalenaSound 1929. But for some reason it just wont connect.
Any idea what Im doing wrong?
Is it compatible?
I have now installed the standard HIFIBerry OS which works fine.

I initially had issues too. Ended up solving them by adding an Environment Variable called BLUETOOTH_PIN_CODE and setting it to 1234 (you can choose whatever PIN you’d like). Hope that helps.