New to resin, I get the unicorn, but then application fails to update


I’m trying to setup a RPi V1 B+.
I’m doing various apt-get installs in the dockerfile, as well as building aircrack-ng from source. During the push/build all (eventually after many tries) seem to work ok, and I get the unicorn.
But then, when the image is downloaded on the device I get: Failed to update application ‘’ due to ‘Application architecture incompatible with raspberry-pi: exec format error’

And what’s more I can’t connect to ssh any more (via the web dashboard, or resin-cli).

Any ideas? I started with this (clone and add files, modified Dockerfile and then commit and push)

Hi, that’s the sign that most likely the wrong architecture base image was used because of some mixup in the `Dockerfile.

Here’s a list of the base images we’ve prepare for the RPi v1:

Looking at the repo you’ve linked, probably you should have resin/rpi-raspbian as your base image. Should not start from that repo itself, but from the compiled base image as mentioned above.

It also seems, that there’s an aircrack-ng package available in Debian for ARM, maybe can just install that? Unless there’s a specific reason why you’d like to compile it from scratch. :wifi: