Resin-wpe deployed on Raspi1B(256MB), ENV vars set but WPE app not running?

RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_gpu_mem_256 128

HDMI screen just showing your yellow cube logo.

How can I check what the problem is?

Build log:

e[36m[Info]    e[39m Starting build for ******/wepapp, user ******
e[36m[Info]    e[39m Dashboard link:
e[36m[Info]    e[39m Building on 'local'
[==================================================>] 100%

e[32m[Success] e[39m Cached image pulled in 14 seconds
e[36m[Info]    e[39m Dockerfile application detected

e[36m[Info]    e[39m Starting Dockerfile build
e[34m[Build]   e[39m Step 1 : FROM petrosagg/resin-wpe:raspberrypi3-17-04.01
e[34m[Build]   e[39m  ---> 83cda14c8d25
e[34m[Build]   e[39m Step 2 : COPY udev-rules/ /etc/udev/rules.d/
e[34m[Build]   e[39m  ---> 85d3b79a6968
e[34m[Build]   e[39m Removing intermediate container 498b64758d43
e[34m[Build]   e[39m Step 3 : COPY wpe-init /wpe-init
e[34m[Build]   e[39m  ---> 3bb2509b38e2
e[34m[Build]   e[39m Removing intermediate container 4f517f0a9cd3
e[34m[Build]   e[39m Step 4 : CMD /wpe-init
e[34m[Build]   e[39m  ---> Running in 42c8c221559d
e[34m[Build]   e[39m  ---> 5793d90626a8
e[34m[Build]   e[39m Removing intermediate container 42c8c221559d
e[34m[Build]   e[39m Successfully built 5793d90626a8
e[32m[Success] e[39m Image created successfully
e[36m[Info]    e[39m Verifying image integrity...
e[32m[Success] e[39m Image passed integrity checks!
[==================================================>] 100%

e[32m[Success] e[39m Image uploaded successfully!
e[36m[Info]    e[39m Check your dashboard for device download progress:
e[36m[Info]    e[39m
e[36m[Info]    e[39m Build took 28 seconds
e[36m[Info]    e[39m Image size: 72.49 MB
e[1me[34m			    \
			    _.-(6'  \
			   (=___._/` \
			        )  \ |
			       /   / |
			      /    > /
			     j    < _\
			 _.-' :      ``.
			 \ r=._\        `.
			<`\\_  \         .`-.
			 \ r-7  `-. ._  ' .  `\
			  \`,      `-.`7  7)   )
			   \/         \|  \'  / `-._
			              ||    .'
			               \\  (
			                >\  >
			            ,.-' >.'
e[36mTip: e[39mAsk your questions on the forums at e[1m[22m!

Also added to fleet configuration (in case it is 512MB version):

RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_gpu_mem_512 196

Trying to run in resin >_terminal but having problem even connecting:

Connecting to 9fac5f12411d17de85bf8e9830432d24...
SSH session disconnected
SSH reconnecting...
Spawning shell...
SSH reconnecting...
Spawning shell...
SSH reconnecting...
Spawning shell...
SSH reconnecting...
Spawning shell...
SSH reconnecting...
Spawning shell...
Connecting to 9fac5f12411d17de85bf8e9830432d24...                                                                                                   
Spawning shell...

The terminal would not connect if the application is restarting. The device needs a reboot after the RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_gpu_mem_256 settings are done for the system to boot with the new memory allocation, was the device rebooted after this config was done?

Yes, it automatically reboots when a RESIN env var is set or changed. Although the log says the application was successfully loaded, it is clear that it is not running correctly. I will try removing and redeploying.

Any other suggestions?

hey @PI_CABLES - the resin-wpe project is only available for armv7, while rpi1 is armv6 so it won’t run on it

Fine. Shouldn’t the resin system highlight this fact when a user tries to deploy it? It has all the relevant details to identify this beforehand.

this happens already with official base images parsing labels on the images, which is not possible with custom (or community) images like resin-wpe atm

The code base seems to be from Ingalia?

Where it says:

‘Our efforts have made it possible to run WPE on the Raspberry Pi (1, 2 and 3), Jetson TK1, MinnowBoard Max and Intel NUC. WPE could run out of the box in any HW that has a good EGL and OpenGL ES 2 support and basic GStreamer integration.’

…so I’m still a bit confused.

Original github page:

‘…This project provides an easy way of running WPE Webkit for the RaspberryPi. WPEWebkit is a full featured browser that takes advantage of the GPU to provide hardware accelerated CSS, WebGL, and HTML5 video…’

@PI_CABLES it is indeed from Igalia. @petrosagg made it a Docker container with his magic and I guess this involves a lot of effort and as for now that effort has been put on armv7 only

Right, having looked into it further I think I understand your explanation now. Thanks.

@PI_CABLES it is possible to create a raspberrypi1 version by following the instructions here

The build expects an environment variable named MACHINE which is set to raspberrypi3 by default If you set it to raspberrypi it will build for RPI1. The build is huge and it will take a while